dark desire 230318 square

Work in Progress

Warm weather, heatwaves have me working on watercolours, at the desk easel in my entry.

I have it set up so I can watch tv while I work, but alas no fans in this location.

dark desire 230318-2
Dark Desire – Blooming Beauty

These vibrant, beautiful, sensuous roses emerge from buds that are almost black. The cupped flowers become a unique violet-red, before maturing into blooms that display a spectrum of colour from red to violet purple, to even darker hues. The sophisticated, sensual fragrance of floral and fruity aspects enhance this rose, with a touch of lemon and a base note of rose geranium. The scents rest on a sweet bed of honey and earth tones at noon and in the evenings.

In consultation with my followers it will be called Dark Desire – Blooming Beauty. When it is ready I will link to the finished product!

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