It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Xmas!

Do you want to buys something special for your loved one this year? Or perhaps you need to cheer up your home in time for visitors? Buying new artwork will certainly help with bringing some new energy to your life.

When choosing your artwork think about the emotions and feelings you would like to encourage – does the art bring a sense of calm or liven up an otherwise dull space? Do you want some vibrant colour in your life?

When I am doing Picture Framing consultations I can often pick up a lot about the emotional state of the artist (mind you it probably helps that I am a trained psychologist as well!). Even the colours they choose is influenced by their health and state of mind.

I have several works of art that Customers have to touch, they cannot help the urge to run their fingers over the textures to see if they feel as they look. I have some others that use special pigments that change colours depending on the light similar to a chameleon painted vehicle. There will be a sudden squeal of delight when this happens. I have seen a Customer go up to another total stranger and drag them over to show them as well. It makes me smile, because art should bring out some emotions.

Pop in and see me at the Willowgrove Gallery in Noosaville and let me help you choose something to soothe your soul or bring out a childlike squeal!

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