What law governs copyright in Australia?

Copyright exists in works and other subject-matter by virtue of the Copyright Act 1968. Copyright protection is free and automatic in Australia. There is no formal registration system.

The Copyright Regulations 2017and the Copyright (International Protection) Regulations 1969 specify matters related to the operation of the Copyright Act.

Access to electronic versions of all Commonwealth legislation is available online through the Australian Government’s Federal Register of Legislation

What does copyright protect?

Copyright provides legal protection for people who express original ideas and information in certain forms. The most common forms are writing, visual images, music and moving images. The artist retains all rights to artwork produced and sold.

How long does copyright protection last?

Generally copyright lasts for 70 years for works after the death of the author/artist


All images of artwork on this site have been produced by the artist. Where general images are used, these have been sourced from online sites specifically existing for the purpose of sharing copyright-free images (for example Pixabay). If you believe there has been a copyright infringement please contact the artist at

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